Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Mama, Meat Ball"

I've been having trouble getting my almost 3 yr old to eat if he chooses not to eat on any given night - I just let it go and I guess he'll tell me if he's hungry. That is if he can convey it to me in a 2 word "sentence"! For the longest time he's talked only in colors and numbers. He's just now putting 2 or 3 words together. Now that's progress! I put him to bed tonight around 9pm. I forgot to check on the hunger issue before putting him down. After about 15 minutes I hear this little voice from the bedroom...."Mama." Just a minute T..... "Mama"....... What T? "Mama, MeatBall" Funny child. So - 9:15 and I let him get up so he can eat some meatballs....which by the way wasn't what we had for dinner! But I admit at this point that if meatballs is what he'll eat then meatballs I'll make. But only because he's 3 mind you!

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