Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Get Well Soon!

"Get Well Soon" Works For Me!
Well, so far I have not got the creepin crud this winter. I usually get it once a year. Two years ago it lasted for over 3 months, that irritating cough...plugged know what I'm talking about! Last year it didn't hang on for near as long, thank goodness. But this year everyone around me has had it - even those in my immediate household. The only thing I have done differently is my "Get Well Soon" Vitamins from Arbonne International. I have my own account with them to get a discount. It's not sold in stores - so here are a couple of options on how you can get it:

1. Contact someone near you who sells the product.
2. Leave a comment with your first/last name and email address and I can generate a registration code for you and for $15 you can sign up for your own account and get 20% off for one year.

Be sure to check out for hundreds of ideas that work for others! It's great reading!

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