Thursday, February 25, 2010

"My Nearly Free Headboard"

Hey! I actually finished a project! I think it only took me about 7 months *lol* Can anyone relate to that? This is my headboard made out of an old door. I love it! Growing up I had nasty mismatched furniture...when I got married I thought it would be so awesome to have a matching set of bedroom we took our wedding money and spent $2200 on 2 dressers and a bed. This was before I knew about craigslist! Well, every place we've lived has not been big enough to hold the we sold it for $800. Aaack! And now I'm back to mismatch and I LOVE IT! :) It's sometimes hard for me to have things incomplete for so long will it take for my "vision" to be fulfilled? This whole house is a work in progress so I guess it's just a process and I want it to be a reflection of me. Who cares what my hubby thinks...hahahaha. No, really he's coming around and he likes old stuff that's creative. I just don't say the word "shabby chic" because he'll think it's foofoo girly stuff. :) I'm going to post step by step pics at a later date. Hopefully sooner than 3 months....that's how long it's been since my last post. I'm terrible! Now it's time to make meatloaf...something I don't relish....but maybe this new recipe will turn out. If not, then I will be eating mashed cauliflower for dinner. By the way if you haven't tried mashed caulifower yet, YOU MUST! It's way better than potatoes!