Sunday, February 8, 2009

For Sale: Potty Chair

Never Been Used!

Well it's not really for sale, because I'm clinging to the hope that one day he will use it! I must confess....I bought this silly thing when my little guy was 18mos old...those of you who have boys - go ahead and let out a big belly laugh! He is now almost 3 and has never used it. He won't even sit on it for fun. I wanted to be so prepared and I even bought a potty no avail. And since we're talking confessions here - oh the thoughts that ran through my head when I'd ask my girfriends how old their boys were when they got out of diapers.....3.....half past 3.....I would put on the unshockable face and think, "Oh yah right, you won't catch my kid in diapers after 2!" LOL! You should have seen the inside of my head when my girlfriend told me she gave her kids marshmallows for going potty! No Way! Well little does he know I'd give him a king size candy bar and all the brown milk (translation: choc milk) he wants if only he'd just sit on the potty!

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