Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feb 15-21 Shopping Trip

I didn't have any pics of my groceries - so I thought this one I found online was funny! "Bent & Dent Discount Groceries". We have a local Liquidator that we call "Scratch N Dent"!

I just want to put a plug in for Gayle at Grocery Cart the recipe swap on Fridays. I usually find 2 or 3 new things to try for the following week's menu.
Here are my shopping results for this week:

Prospector Liquidators:
3 boxes pasta (I keep pasta stocked so I don't have to pay full price at my local Safeway!)
mayo (only .99!)
TOTAL: 4.26

Crisp Rice Cereal Bulk
4 Yogurt
18ct eggs
Fiber One Pop Tarts (only .50 after coupon)
Lunch Meat
Pint Sour Cream (Coupon)
Yukon Potatoes
2 Radish
Cous Cous Bulk
Brown Rice Bulk
Pine Nuts Bulk (yikes...$2.20 for a handful!)
Flour Bulk
3 Limes
Flavored Creamer (coupon)
Evap Milk
Cottage Cheese
Total: 28.92
Funny Story Here....I got a clerk who was obviously new - a young man who was probably still a teenager. What was my first clue? He rang up my bulk crisp rice as "Disney Tinkerbell". My second clue? When he came to the radishes he said "What were these called?" My third clue? A few days later looking at my receipt I realized he rang up my English Cucumber as a regular cucumber.

Safeway: Is the only store in my town....I rarely shop there except for coupon items or "lost leaders"
Coupon Items:
Brownie Mix .69!
5# Sugar 1.69 (cheaper than buying bulk)
Marshmallows (How long has it been since you made rice crispy treats!)
Big Bag Shredded Cheese 4.99!
Bread 1.59
2 Family Paks Hamburger (Raincheck item at 1.29lb!)
Fuji Apples .50lb!
Craisins .99
Total: 23.14

Fred Meyer: (They run the milk & oj at 1.00 each every 2-3 weeks. I stock up!)
1/2 gal milk 1.00
1/2 gal OJ 1.00
Total: 2.00


Dinner Choices this week:
-Costco Meatball Stroganoff-
-Hamburger Quiche (Will be posting Friday for Recipe Swap!)
-Cabo Chicken & Zuchinni
-Mexican Lasagna
-Homemade Pizza

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