Monday, February 9, 2009

Feb 8-14 Shopping & Menu

weekly shopping trip
& menu plan

This was not a normal week, our weekend plans took us near Costco so I stocked up on things I like to keep on hand. And I didn't get to my favorite liquidators, just WinCo. Of course my husband was at Costco with me and he had some special requests that don't always fit in the budget. :) I always get meatballs there - They are 12.99 and I get 4 meals out of it. Also, I got whole wheat tortillas there for 4.95 - same price as the regular ones. 40 in the package! You can't beat that price.

Plastic Wrap 1.57
1#Roast Beef for lunches 4.02
Lasagna Noodles 1.49
WW Mini Bagels 1.88
2 BB Yogurt .74
Salsa 2.76
Sour Cream .98
Frozen Green Bean .88
Frozen Corn .88
Bulk Flour 1.77
Cauliflower .98
Strawberries 2.98
Bulk Sugar 3# 1.61
1 oz cinnamon .18
Powdered milk bulk 1.38
Bulk oatmeal .73
Alfalfa Sprouts 1.48
Butter 1.98
Zuchinni 1.06
Pizza Sauce 1.19
Enchilada Sauce .57
Dark Choc Chips 1.64
Total : 32.87

Dinners for this week are:
Chicken & Dumplings
Homemade Pizza (a good way to diguise leftovers!)
Crockpot Lasagna
Chicken Enchiladas (also a good way to use up stuff in fridge)
Something with Elk Steak (Haven't searched for recipe yet)
Olive Garden Soup (dinner for couple who had a baby)
Valentines Day - maybe dinner out?

Today I crockpotted (is that a word?) a package of bone in chicken breasts that I got for 99 cents a pound a few weeks ago at Fred Meyer. This will go for my Dumplings, enchiladas and added to the soup possibly, if not the soup then the fajitas. No time for recipe links this week....maybe next week.
Be sure to check out how Gayle spent her grocery $$ this week at Grocery Cart Challenge.

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