Thursday, February 25, 2010

"My Nearly Free Headboard"

Hey! I actually finished a project! I think it only took me about 7 months *lol* Can anyone relate to that? This is my headboard made out of an old door. I love it! Growing up I had nasty mismatched furniture...when I got married I thought it would be so awesome to have a matching set of bedroom we took our wedding money and spent $2200 on 2 dressers and a bed. This was before I knew about craigslist! Well, every place we've lived has not been big enough to hold the we sold it for $800. Aaack! And now I'm back to mismatch and I LOVE IT! :) It's sometimes hard for me to have things incomplete for so long will it take for my "vision" to be fulfilled? This whole house is a work in progress so I guess it's just a process and I want it to be a reflection of me. Who cares what my hubby thinks...hahahaha. No, really he's coming around and he likes old stuff that's creative. I just don't say the word "shabby chic" because he'll think it's foofoo girly stuff. :) I'm going to post step by step pics at a later date. Hopefully sooner than 3 months....that's how long it's been since my last post. I'm terrible! Now it's time to make meatloaf...something I don't relish....but maybe this new recipe will turn out. If not, then I will be eating mashed cauliflower for dinner. By the way if you haven't tried mashed caulifower yet, YOU MUST! It's way better than potatoes!


  1. I've been on the prowl for an old door for probably 3 years or more, for this very reason! I love it!!