Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tis the Season To Be....Trusting....God!

This is my little Christmas corner that makes me smile....I've been very frustrated with my walls lately - they need a "treatment" and we haven't had the money to do it. This pic doesn't show how bad they are. Most of the walls have white sheetrock mud all over them, trying to fill in and mask what the previous owners were trying to do. The "sewing table" was $5 at a yard sale. I have plans for it - later. The old door was $5 at a yard sale. I took all the paint off with lye. That will be explained later. I had 2 doors and turned the other into a headboard. The window was $1 at a yard sale. It too will have another home when I get it figured out....So I just took some of my shabby stuff and put it all together and I like it! :)
On another note....trusting God....We are at a place where God has to do a miracle in our finances. Hubby was off work for one week, with more to come. No paycheck for that week because you have to claim your "waiting week" with the unemployment dept and they don't pay for the waiting week. I remember a couple weeks ago I figured out how much the next cycle of bills was going to be and even with a regular paycheck we couldn't cover them. NOW, we have less than that because of not working! All these questions go through my mind....Will God provide? Will I be able to cover the utility bills? Does He care? Will he provide like I think? Will I be able to pay the whole electric bill or just enough to get by? Because when I think about how BIG my God is, I think that the money should be there to pay all the bills ON TIME. That is my version of "provision". Just being real here guys. My faith is little. But I want to report back next week and be able to say "My God is Big - He gave us over and above what we asked/needed." As Jesse Duplantis says "My God is Not Enough, He's Too Much!" I'll keep you posted on my faith journey. And I'm gonna be honest!

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