Monday, July 6, 2009

Savin' a dime...Out on the line!

So this is my pulley clothesline that my hubby made for me. We just bought this house and it's one of the first things I had him do for me. It took a couple weeks to break it in because everytime I had laundry to hang outside, the neighbor was burning brush....smoke and clean laundry don't mix....well unless of course you're camping! *lol* I've discovered a few things as I've been doing it:
1. Don't use clothespins on your towels. Just hang them over the line in half. The pins make them hang funny and then when you fold them they aren't neat looking. I know, I know who likes crunchy towels? Washcloths are no matter b/c you just get them wet to use them anyway. But you'll get over the crunchy towel me. And did you know towels take the longest to dry in the dryer of anything? Especially if you have big thick ones like I do. (Wonderful wedding gifts!)
2. I clothespin the jeans to the line by hanging them upside down - clothespinning the hem to the line. Most of the t-shirts I also pin at the hem.
3. I "dry" a few minutes in the dryer before I hang them on the line. This takes out the "spun" look from the washer.
4. Sheets I also hang over the line at the halfway point instead of using clothespins. Ohhhh....nothing better than freshly washed sheets, hung outside and then sprayed with homemade Linen Spray as you put them back on your bed.
5. I'm wondering if I keep doing this if my clothes will fade? My grandma once told me that the sun would help get out stains on your clothing. I think it's true for some stains.

Happy Laundering!

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  1. Jana, You're making me want to use my clothesline! I've heard that's why whites in Mexico are so white, b/c they dry them in the sun. Not the great weather this week for hanging stuff out though. Karen