Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Claim to Fame

Ok, so maybe it's not Hollywood but maybe it's "BloggyWood"!
My sister and I have been following Gail at Grocery Cart Challenge for awhile now and have been inspired to "Eat for Less"! We happen to live in the general vicinity of Gail and wouldn't you know it.....she actually is a real person! We saw her twice in one day, I almost felt like a stalker! We do our grocery shopping on Mondays (just like Gail) and also frequent the same liquidators. So as we're pulling in to SNS Liquidators my sister says "Gail shops on Mondays, maybe we'll see her!" TeeHee! There was a green volvo in the parking lot and I remember reading that she drove a volvo. I promptly forgot about it as we went in. We grab our carts and start perusing the "aisles" and Sara says "There she is! Did you see her? She's at the checkout! I almost didn't recognize her b/c her hair is longer and not as curly as her picture" I'd like to tell you now that I was brave and outgoing and went and introduced myself as her stalker - but I didn't. I just peeked around the shelving non chalantly (is that spelled correctly?) and gave the checkout a looksee.....and then in a whisper "Yes I saw her!" Aren't we silly. THEN we went to WinCo and I saw her heading to the checkstands and I started running from the end of the front area trying to catch her "Gail, Gail! I read your blog everyday, what are you buying can I look in your cart, How much did you spend today?! Can I get your autograph?" OK, that last sentence was a lie. But then I found my sister and she said "Did you see Gail? I was really close to her cart, she left it unattended with her purse and her shopping list!" No Way I said.
By the way, I made Taco Casserole tonight, just like Gail. Do you think I'm a threat? ;)

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