Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Completed Project!

Well I finally completed a household project! I was on the mend the past few weeks after a serious appendicitis attack/surgery and so I had some recovery time at home and I needed to do something creative! This photo is of the window in my "pink room" - I have my clothes and dresser in here as well as my sewing table (made out of an old door!) and various craft projects. I've had several ideas for window was a vintage floral tablecloth and I still might do that one day! But for now I did this:

It's a sheer (but somewhat stiff) pink piece of fabric that my aunt put in our combined garage sale this past summer. She actually gave it to me so.... FREE! Yay! I've had a collection of vintage hankies and recently went to the Goodwill and found a bag of hankies and such for 1.99 but I had a gift card so....FREE! Yay again! The pink cafe clips I found at my favorite yard sale for a couple dollars I think. The silver rod was a garage sale find for under $1. There was no sewing involved! The pink sheer fabric was stiff enough that I just had to iron it and it stayed that way! I folded the hankies in half and clipped them to the cafe rings. So my total project price was $3!
I love that the sheers let the light in and I can also still see the view. It's an upstairs room and there are no homes in view so I don't need privacy in here. I love it and it makes me happy that I accomplished something!

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