Sunday, June 7, 2009

Urn 'O Lettuce!

Well, my first post in awhile....we've been in the midst of buying a house, moving and painting, paining, painting! More on that later!
I'm not going to stress about trying to get a garden in at our new house so I had planted this lettuce early on in one of my urns. And last night we were able to enjoy fresh salad! It was yummy and definately better tasting. You can't see it in this picture but this lettuce has extra husband was using his saw today and when I went out to take the picture there was sawdust all over my salad! Oh Well, who doesn't need a little extra fiber!


  1. I saw this at your house the other day, and thought it was great! How's the work coming? Karen

  2. Work on house is slow....I've done some more priming and we've gotten some more "projects"....a dresser that we will turn into a sink cabinet and another dresser that someone turned into a buffet with a tile top. Our intention was to turn it back into a dresser but it might make a good kitchen island...we'll have to see. Thanks for loaning Randy here and there....we appreciate it.
    Taylor got the throw up flu this a.m so no projects done today! Just icky laundry! :)